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Get to know us a bit better.

Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. Here’s some background you should know about us:

  1. We’re a fiduciary firm. Which means our interests are success is tied with yours. All of our advisors are salaried and do not receive a commission.
  2. We take a fundamentally different, team-based approach to financial advising.
  3. We’re all about leaving a lasting impact and equipping our clients to do the same.
  4. We believe that money should be a tool—not the end goal—to help you live your most fulfilled, impactful life.
  5. We are transparent about our fees. After your Exploration Meeting, we’ll provide you with a personalized proposal outlining exactly how we’ll work together and what that will cost.
  6. We believe that worldview matters. We take the time to understand what matters most to you and infuse our Financial Life Planning process with Biblical principles.