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LifeGuide Impact Fund

We created the LifeGuide Impact Fund in 2014 as a way to support and magnify the efforts of organizations making a positive impact in their communities. Each month, we contribute a percentage of our proceeds to this fund. To date, we’ve been able to donate more than $475,000 to many incredible organizations. In fact, we were able to donate over $124,000 to more than 100 wonderful organizations in 2020 alone!*

* Statistics as of December 2020. Logos represented below reflect a portion of the LifeGuide Impact Fund organizations, not the entirety.

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Leaving a lasting impact

Impact is a word we use often here at LifeGuide. Matthew 16:26 states, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” From the start, we’ve set out to leverage our time, resources, and relationships to leave a lasting, Kingdom-focused impact on the lives of those around us. In fact, simply by being a LifeGuide client, you contribute directly to life change!

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