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Life is busy, and today’s financial environment is complex.

Your financial situation, goals, and values are unique to you. Cookie cutter plans, generic strategies, and superficial advice only set you up for missed opportunities, frustration, and even failure. At LifeGuide, we offer two distinct service offerings to get and keep you on track.

Assets or income $350k+

LifeGuide Signature is our flagship service model that provides personalized, comprehensive planning and integrated investment management for our clients with more complex financial needs.

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Assets or income less than $350k

LifeGuide Essentials is our service model that provides focused coaching, planning, and investment management for our clients with relatively straightforward financial situations.

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LifeGuide Survivor Assistance Program

As a LifeGuide client, you are automatically eligible for LifeGuide’s Survivor Assistance Program at no extra cost. This means that, in the unfortunate event of a death in the family, survivors have peace of mind knowing they have a trusted team to help them manage their new financial reality as they walk through the grieving process.

This includes: