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Those who know what they have fare better than those who don’t.

As a comprehensive service client, you can access eMoney to view your important financial information in one place.

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Everything you own, spend, and owe in one place

eMoney pulls together all of your important financial information into a single view. Your balances are updated daily to monitor the activity in your investment, bank, and credit card accounts. You can create a budget to help you keep your spending on track and set up alerts to notify you if something requires your attention.

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Perspective for life’s important decisions

eMoney allows you and your LifeGuide Advisor to create goals and track your progress. Interactive scenarios allow you to evaluate the financial impact of important decisions. This provides perspective and guidance to help you make wise decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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Secure and safe

We know how sensitive your personal information is, and we take your security and privacy very seriously. eMoney is built on a platform that uses 256 encryption, Secure Socket Layer, and other industry-leading security technology to guard your data. It is a non-transactional system, meaning your money cannot be moved, withdrawn, or accessed. Your information and data will not be shared with any third parties.

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