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LifeGuide celebrates grand opening of new Mechanicsburg office

November 9, 2021   |   News

We’re excited to announce that renovations of our new office at 400 West Main Street, Mechanicsburg are officially complete! For the better part of the year, our team, along with our hired craftsmen, have poured countless hours into restoring this historic homestead and transforming it into LifeGuide’s new headquarters.


Prior to purchasing this building, we had been searching for a new home base to host our growing team and client base for more than two years. When we first set foot in this 1900s-era Mechanicsburg homestead back in early 2021, we immediately knew we were home. After sitting empty for more than a year, however, our new home needed some serious TLC and repair to bring it back to life! Our team quickly caught a vision for restoring the charm of the original homestead with a fresh, modern feel.

While the building has turned out more beautifully than we ever imagined, the reality is that none of this is simply about the building—it’s about what happens in and through the building. Like our finances, we view this building as a tool to help our clients achieve financial peace, freedom, and eternal impact. We’ve seen how stressful and even relationally damaging mismanaged finances can be for families. Our hope is that this building provides a welcoming space for even more families to feel welcome, free to ask questions, share concerns, and dare to dream about their goals and passions.

Our first core value here at LifeGuide is that we see ourselves as stewards, not owners. We try to manage all that we are entrusted with for the Creator and true owner of all things! And this building is no different. It was here long before we occupied it, and it will most likely be here after we are finished with it.

This building, originally known as The Gables, has seen thousands of people walk through its doors for more than one hundred years—the original homeowner’s family and friends, the patients of the various doctors’ offices, and, most recently, the clients of an accounting practice.

We now have the privilege and responsibility of calling this space home. And we can’t wait to see all that God is going to do under this roof.

LifeGuide Office New office
LifeGuide Office New office
LifeGuide Office New office
LifeGuide Office New office

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