Kathrine’s Story: “I Like Car”

November 30, 2022   |   Impact

I recently had an opportunity to lead a workshop called “God, Stuff, & Money” at my church. During this workshop, we talked at length about how money is powerful.

When our relationship with money is out of alignment, it can cause stress, anxiety, pride, and jealousy. It too often leads to relational conflict. It can pull our hearts away from God. Yet, in its proper place, money has enormous power to help us experience a life of financial peace, freedom, and impact.

One of the best ways to refocus our relationship with money is by practicing generosity. Generosity can help us see beyond ourselves and experience the joy of making a difference in others’ lives—all of which can bring us closer to the heart of God.

Today, I want to share a video with you that I played during my workshop the other weekend. The video, “I Like Car,” comes from Generous Giving, an organization dedicated to inspiring people to live generously.

I’ve watched this video more than a dozen times, and Kathrine’s story never fails to challenge and inspire me in new ways! As I reflect, my prayer this holiday season is this: May we continue to lean into the fullness of life God has for us, loving as He loves and being generous as He is generous with us! Amen!

  Doug Denlinger, RLP®, CKA®
  LifeGuide’s Managing Partner

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