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Your Invitation to The Legacy Journey

March 20, 2015   |   News


Dear Clients and Friends of LifeGuide Financial Advisors,

You are invited to attend The Legacy Journey, a Dave Ramsey course focused on helping you live and leave a lasting legacy. As part of our ongoing commitment to biblically-based financial education, LifeGuide Financial Advisors is excited to sponsor this course at Messiah College beginning April 19th. We open this class to you, your friends and family, and the local community.

What you can expect:

The Legacy Journey course is a follow-up to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class. Building upon Financial Peace’s foundation, The Legacy Journey helps people manage money based on biblical principles in a way that empowers future generations and unleashes extreme generosity. The class will be coordinated by
Doug Denlinger, Zak Lutz and Dave Warren of LifeGuide Financial Advisors. If you are familiar with Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, you will see that Legacy Journey is delivered in a similar mix of video and discussion formats. When you register for the course, you will receive many helpful resources in addition to the lessons.

This class helps you think through and answer questions such as:

  1. What does the bible really say about money? What is my role in managing the resources that God has entrusted to me?
  2. What toxic money messages are pervasive in our culture today?
  3. How much is appropriate to leave for my kids and grandkids? How can I ensure that what I leave helps (and does not hurt) them?
  4. How do I determine how much I should be giving vs. investing vs. spending?
  5. How can I become a “good” money manager, investor and giver?
  6. How do I leave a Kingdom-honoring legacy?

We encourage you to attend and invite friends or family you feel would benefit from this class. We encourage individuals, couples and small group members to attend this together. Legacy Journey is most helpful to those who have established a solid financial foundation and are ready for the next step. We hope you will consider attending and helping us get the word out about this class. We encourage you to let your church and your circle of friends know about this ppportunity. In addition to material found at this link, we have informational and promotional materials available, including posters, bulletin inserts, flyers and more (including electronic versions). Register online here

Please find some frequently asked questions about the class below.

We hope to see you there!


Doug Denlinger & Zak Lutz


What is the time and location of the Legacy Journey course? How much does it cost?

The Legacy Journey class is held Sunday evenings at 6pm beginning April 19th. The
cost for seven sessions (five in-class at Messiah College and two at-home study) and
Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Box, filled with helpful financial templates and tools, is $109
(per couple or individual), a 21% discount off the regular price! LifeGuide provides
accommodations at Messiah College and professional coordinators at no additional
cost. Participants register and order the materials directly from the Dave Ramsey
organization (www.tinyurl.com/LegacyJourney). LifeGuide will not make any money from the event.

I’m in. How do I register? When is the deadline to sign up?

Register online at http://www.tinyurl.com/LegacyJourney. We recommend
registering by April 10th to ensure that your materials arrive prior to the beginning of
the class. For those who may need to register at the event, we will have a limited
amount of materials available. Although you do not need your materials for the first
week, they will still be helpful to have. If you miss the registration deadline, do not let
that stop you from attending – we will make sure that you are set for the class.

Is this an investment or insurance sales event?

Absolutely not! No solicitations for products or services will be made. The Legacy
Journey is an educational event in which we can use our knowledge and experience to
build up the Kingdom. As a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP), we are held
to very strict standards when facilitating his classes. They are to be about education
only and product or service solicitations may not be made.

If it is not a sales event, why is LifeGuide sponsoring it?

Great question. There are five main reasons that we invest in these types of events.

  1. It is our mission – We believe that our calling is to help God’s people make1. It is our mission – We believe that our calling is to help God’s people make biblical, wise financial decisions to liberate and motivate them to have a huge impact for the Kingdom.
  2. The “world” is doing it – Although organizations in this area provide a secular version of the course, we strongly believe that there should be a highquality, relevant, practical, biblically-based alternative.
  3. It is part of who we are – We believe in tithing LifeGuide’s resources which includes our time, profits and expertise. The Legacy Journey is one of the ways that we choose to give of ourselves. 
  4. There are other benefits to our business – We invite clients to our educational events as part of our commitment to their personal growth, while broadening our impact and value in the local community. If people feel a connection with us, they may contact us for services sometime in the future. If they do, great. If they don’t and take helpful wisdom away from the class, that is great as well! We feel our mission of advancing the Kingdom is accomplished either way.
  5. It’s fun! – Our partners have hearts for teaching. We enjoy facilitating these classes and finding fulfillment in seeing lives and local churches transformed!

Who is the ideal person to attend?

This class is for individuals or couples with an established, solid financial foundation.
The Legacy Journey is most helpful for those seeking to biblical insights about
managing wealth for God’s glory. The course provides a practical framework to dispel
toxic money myths, cultivate contentment, manage investments and unleash extreme
generosity. Students will learn how to be intentional about living and leaving a lasting

Is Financial Peace University a prerequisite to Legacy Journey?

No, but Financial Peace University is helpful to understand Dave Ramsey’s terminology and philosophy, although facilitators will help participants not familiar with Dave’s teachings. Legacy Journey is an advanced class for those with an established a solid financial foundation. It is not an entry level course for those still
wrestling with their budget and debt repayment. If you have questions or concerns,
give us a call and we will help you determine if this class is right for you.

I would love to attend but know that I will miss some sessions. Is it still worth it?

Most likely – you have the ability to make up a missed session at home. As part of your
registration, you receive access to an online portal that contains the materials and
audio recordings. Additionally, we allow attendees to attend future
sessions for free to make up missed lessons. However, if you have conflicts with more
than two sessions, we suggest you consider waiting until we offer the next Legacy
Journey class. We are currently planning our next Legacy Journey course for either late summer or early fall.

Are you going to be offering other classes in the future?

Yes, we are offering Dave Ramsey’s newest class, Smart Money Smart Kids, beginning
May 31st. We also plan to offer additional Legacy classes in the near future.
I have additional questions or need more information.

Who can I contact?

Please free to contact Doug, Zak or any LifeGuide team member at (717)796-1700 or
by email at ddenlinger@lifeguidefa.com or zlutz@lifeguidefa.com.

Event Details

Begin your journey toward leaving an intentional, impactful and lasting legacy. The course will be coordinated by Doug Denlinger, Zak Lutz and Dave Warren of LifeGuide Financial Advisors.

The Legacy Journey

April 19th – May 17th
Sunday nights from 6pm-8pm
Messiah College, Boyer 131
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Register here: http://www.tinyurl.com/LegacyJourney

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