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Social Security: Don’t Make a Mistake

January 16, 2015   |   News

Beginning to draw Social Security benefits at the wrong time is a common retirement mistake. We found this article, “Want a fat nest egg? Make the right Social Security choices,” by Shelly Schwartz of CNBC to be helpful. 

The article cites that “the average single retiree leaves more than $100,000 in lifetime benefits on the table by fumbling his or her Social Security choices. The average married couple, it reports, misses out on $250,000 or more.” 

Social Security is the largest source of income for most Americans, and getting the most out of your benefits involves complex analyses that often requires the help of an expert. In order to help clients with these decisions, LifeGuide continually stays on top of the nuances and various strategies for maximizing Social Security benefits. We also subscribe to a Social Security optimizer software that we use to create personalized Social Security strategies for each of our clients.   

Contact us if you are considering this important decision. We are happy to help you make a wise choice.      

Read the entire article here.


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