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Share the Blessing: Read the Touching Stories

February 11, 2015   |   News

In December, we sent sixty LifeGuide clients $50 to share
with someone in need during the holiday season. We challenged recipients to impact our community in a very personal way,
finding an individual or family in need of an unexpected blessing and simply
handing them the $50 – no strings attached. 

LifeGuide is thankful for those who accepted the challenge
and shared their incredible feedback, touching us with their stories. The
beauty of the responses moved us – further, many of the clients doubled (or
more) the $50 we provided. Also, several of the recipients shared the gift with
others, even in their time of need. We received an overwhelming response from
this campaign, forcing us to painfully cut the feedback down to a few selected
stories for the sake of brevity. We are
excited to now share the feedback from our “Share the Blessing” campaign with
you. Read some of the special stories below:

  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was
    able to help a couple where the wife has survived breast cancer and the husband
    was awaiting a stem-cell transplant for myeloma treatment. He has been unable
    to work during chemotherapy and lost health insurance. The husband said several
    times, ‘This means so much to us.’” 

  • “We were very excited to share the blessing to a homeless and jobless
    young mom with the message that God sees her, she is not alone, and that He
    loves her and wants to bless her. While she is overwhelmed and not sure how
    things are going to work out, she can find some peace in knowing that the Lord
    is with her.”
  • “When I opened your letter, I started praying for guidance as to who
    could receive ‘the blessing.’ Hours later my husband and I came together to
    discuss our thoughts and we each said the same names. The same happened with
    the both of us knowing we needed to add to the blessing amount given. God
    surely was speaking to our hearts.” 

  • “Her fiance died in the World Trade Center Tower on 9/11/01; She has never married. About five years ago she lost all kidney function and soon lost her job. Her sister donated a kidney to her a year and half ago. Although the kidney has functioned well, she has experienced a number of complications… She is looking forward to the day when she will be able to pass the good deed (blessing) on.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a young mother of
    four who was laboriously making clothing selections for her children at Walmart
    for Christmas. What surprise came over her face! We will never forget her

  • “I found it a little daunting to
    do it to someone face to face but received a definite blessing from it. Thank
    you for giving me a chance to grow.”

  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was able to help a young mother of 3 who
    recently garnered the courage to leave a substance-abusing, physically abusive
    boyfriend. Just knowing that other people care helped her to see her self-worth
    and feel encouraged.” 

  • “Share the Blessing has opened my
    eyes to look around me and see where I can make a personal difference in
    someone’s life and see the reactions of a gift from nowhere. We intend to make
    this a new Christmas tradition.”   

  • “With his wife’s passing, he was
    left destitute, confused, and lonely. This past year has been a constant
    struggle and he said he was worried about this month’s rent. ‘Praise the Lord’
    was his response.” 

  • “Your thoughtful gift of $50 was
    received with much gratitude by a poor elderly man who desperately wanted gas
    money so he could go from Carlisle to West Shore Hospital to visit his special
    lady friend.”

  • “It is always encouraging as a
    Christian when we remember what ‘pure religion’ is. Giving ‘just because’ we
    are called to be generous is good for the soul. I took your lead and tripled
    that gift. Thank you for the reminder.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was
    able to help a seminary student from Tanzania studying at the Lutheran seminary
    in Gettysburg. I have a heart for ministry in Africa.”

  • “God blesses generosity. It has been proved over and over again in my
    own life.”

  •  “Through Share the Blessing, I was able to help a family whose home was destroyed by a child with severe mental health issues. The family had used all of their extra money repairing the home and did not have money for Christmas presents… When they saw the $50 bill, it was as if they hit the lottery.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was
    able to help a 95-year-old lady. My pastor told me that she could really use
    the money due to expensive medicines and limited resources. She was reluctant
    to take the money, but I told her it was given to me to give to someone else.
    She reached into her purse and insisted on giving me $5 for the church’s
    women’s group collection. At first, I was going to decline but then I realized
    she wanted to give a blessing, too.” 

 Also, read this touching letter from a Share the Blessing recipient: 

  • “I wanted to say thank you so much
    for the cash blessing you gave last week. I’d like to share a ‘God moment’ that
    you were a part of. When I came into church last week I was approached by
    someone asking if I needed $50 or knew someone who did. I’m not going to lie,
    my first thought was ‘YES! ME!’ Before the words came from my mouth, God laid
    someone else on my heart. So, I took a deep breath and gave my friend’s
    information. God said to me, ‘Great job, it’s easy to give when we have it, but
    the test is: Will you sacrifice when you don’t?’ My friend came into church and
    after the service I introduced her to the person giving this $50. As she
    received this money, tears ran down her face. She was so grateful. My heart was
    overwhelmed with love, and tears fell from my eyes as well. My heart was so
    full and I couldn’t wait to share my story with my husband. Before leaving I
    went to check my mailbox. I was excited to see a few Christmas cards. The cards
    were all wonderful, and then, I opened yours. Yours was a “God moment” for me.
    When I saw the $50, I could not control the tears. It was so much more than
    money. It was an act of love and faithfulness from our God. It was a reminder
    to me, that when we obey our Lord, we cannot fail. This event has etched itself
    on my heart, never to fade. So, thank you, my brother and sister for allowing
    God to use you. It was used to pay for groceries, but also as a tool for
    spiritual growth and that is priceless. May God continue to use us and may you
    both be blessed in a very special way.”   

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