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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 19, 2014   |   News

You may not have been aware,
but yes, there is actually a life insurance awareness month – September! To
benefit from the awareness month, here are several questions you should
consider and ask yourself:  

  • Do I have adequate coverage to
    protect my family? (The rule of thumb is 8-10x your income!)
  • Is it possible I have TOO much
    coverage? Is my current Life Insurance policy
    too expensive?
  • I just bought a new home or
    refinanced my mortgage. Does this change anything?
  • I have a permanent insurance policy,
    but feel I’m paying too much. What are some alternative options?
  • I have heard that insurance rates
    have gone down due to competition. Can I qualify for a better health rating
    than I have now? 


  • Have you updated your beneficiaries
    in the last two years? Do you have a contingent beneficiary in place on
    your policy?
  • Have you had a significant change in
    your income (promotion, job change, inheritance)? If so, you may need to increase or
    decrease your insurance amount.
  • Have you recently increased your
    debt? If so, is your family still adequately protected? 

We will be glad to help you
with any of the above questions and do an individualized analysis for you to
make sure your family is protected!

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