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National Save for Retirement Week

October 16, 2014   |   News

While many causes are granted a recognized day (such as World
Vegetarian Day – October 1st), or in some cases a month (Stress
Awareness Month – April), in 2012, the 112th Congress mandated the third week of October to be “National Save for Retirement Week”
While we hope you’re thinking about your retirement goals and savings
rate more than once a year, here are a few of our favorite clips from their Resolution: 

“Whereas people in the United States are living longer,
and the cost of retirement is increasing significantly; 

“Whereas Social Security remains the bedrock of retirement
income for the great majority of the people of the United States but was never
intended by Congress to be the sole source of retirement income for families; 

“Whereas saving for retirement is a key component to overall
financial health and security during retirement years 

“Whereas all workers, including public and private sector
employees, employees of tax-exempt organizations, and self-employed
individuals, can benefit from developing personal budgets and financial plans
that include retirement savings strategies and taking advantage of tax-preferred
retirement savings vehicles…” 

… Thus we have a week, Ladies and Gentlemen!  While it’s quite funny that the Senate has
helped us earmark our calendars, we do agree with the heart of the resolution: everyone needs to have a plan in place to
fund their retirement needs. 

  • Haven’t started saving for retirement yet? 
  • Do you need help allocating your retirement account at work? 
  • Have you recently change jobs and have questions on what to
    do with your previous retirement account (401k, 403b, 457, etc.)? 

We’d love to help you. Call us at 1-800-423-2838 to set up
your free consultation. 


  • The deadline for making your 2014 Traditional
    and Roth Contributions is April 15th, 2015.
  • Contributions via payroll deductions to your SIMPLE IRA, 401k, 403(b), or 457
    plan for 2014 must be postmarked or received by December 31st, 2014.

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