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LifeGuide Partners Attend 2015 Kingdom Advisor Conference

March 6, 2015   |   News

This past February, LifeGuide partners Zak Lutz and Doug Denlinger attended the 2015 Kingdom Advisors Conference. The three day event brought together 1,000 like-minded professionals focused on integrating biblical wisdom in their practices. The conference, which had a theme of “IMPACT,” provided an excellent opportunity to engage in biblically-based investing and planning dialog with some of the country’s top advisors. 

At the Kingdom Advisor Conference, Doug and Zak met and conversed with Ron Blue, founder of Kingdom Advisors and Ronald Blue & Company, a national faith-centered financial services company. Doug and Zak have completed the certification process and have been awarded the Qualified Kingdom Advisor (QKA) designation. Additionally, all of LifeGuide’s financial advisors have completed the Kingdom Advisor Core Training Program and adhere to Kingdom Advisor standards. 

The conference fueled Doug and Zak’s passions for advancing LifeGuide’s faith-centered mission. LifeGuide is committed to bringing you the highest thinking in the financial services industry, while remaining rooted in a biblical worldview. Equipped with knowledge from the conference, Doug and Zak continue to research investment, insurance and gifting tools for our clients.

Some great quotes from the conference:

“Being faith-centered and being excellent are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they must go hand in hand. Christ followers should be the ‘best in the business,’ no matter what they do.”  

“Raise your standard of living so you can raise your standard of giving.”

“Being content… It is the journey. It is not a destination.”

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