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LifeGuide Again “Shares the Blessing”

May 5, 2017   |   News

For the third year in a row, LifeGuide’s “Share the Blessing” campaign was a great success! We would like to thank those who participated and shared their story with us; it was huge encouragement.

As a reminder, at Christmas (2016) we sent $50 to forty of our clients and asked that they give the money to an individual or family who was in need of an unexpected blessing. We would like to share some of the stories with everyone.

  • Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a young family (mom, dad, and 3 children below the age of 6 years) who is struggling to make ends meet. It was special for us to be able to give tangible assistance, besides prayer. This is a generous and beautiful campaign. Thank you for your heart of caring.
  • We were able to help a grandmother probably in her late sixties or early seventies. Several years ago her daughter died and left her three girls to raise. At that time they were in elementary school. One of them has special needs; she has a heart condition & diabetes, along with other illnesses. This grandmother works to support these children. For the last week she has been unable to work because she has been sick so the money was very helpful to her.  When we delivered the gift she was still feeling really bad. She was so very very thankful and her one granddaughter was with her and said, “Now we can get some snacks.”  This woman works really hard and never complains and takes care of the children by herself. We don’t see her except twice a year at her job so we are certain this was the person God wanted us to touch. Thank you for the gift for her; we loved Sharing the Blessing.
  • I was able to help a family member who was in need of fuel oil. We added to the $50 to get 100 gallons of fuel oil. It was helpful for the recipient because she and her kids were in need of fuel oil for heat.  It was special to help a family member who was in need.
  • Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a single mother of three children who recently was released from prison. It was helpful to her because she had no Christmas gifts for her children, had just started renting her apartment, and started a new job. It was special to be able to help someone who is starting a new life as a believer as well as making a home for her children. We added equal amount in the form of a gift card to make it stretch further for her.  While at prison in a Bible study, she began a relationship with the Lord. She is truly trying to start over again.
  • Thank you for giving us the opportunity to “Share the Blessing”!   We chose to bless a single mother on welfare with two children who are dealing with mental health issues.  This family is new to the Mechanicsburg area and has limited financial resources and support systems.   The mother recently completed her GED and is now attending a job training program to get her CDL license. This mother came to my mind because she did not ask for help even though she is struggling.  Also, she is really trying to improve her situation.  This is the opposite of so many people who ask for handouts year after year, yet don’t seem to make any real effort on their part to change things.  I became aware of her needs shortly before Christmas and knew that this would be a wonderful, unexpected blessing for her.  All she cares about is helping her children.  She was very encouraged and appreciative when she received this….I know for a fact that it made her day! Thank you again!
  • Thank you for inviting us to be part of this unique and special campaign for 2016! This was an unusual holiday season for us and I hope you don’t mind how we passed along your blessing.  It’s not a “feel good” ending because there is no way of knowing exactly how it helped. At the end of November, I had a total knee replacement.  Your “Share the Blessing” letter arrived right before Christmas.  I knew I couldn’t go out looking for the perfect person to help, which discouraged me.  But I knew God was on my side and that eventually I’d know what to do.  During my recovery, I experienced a major issue:  I was cold. I couldn’t get warm.  As I spent days trying to get warm, I began to think of people who were cold all the time, parents who couldn’t keep their children warm, older people with not enough social security funds to warm their homes or rooms.  I knew my being cold was from being sick; others would never be warm because they couldn’t afford heat.  And then I thought of my daughter who is in a temporary dire financial situation.  She is in a program through PPL where she only pays $33 per month, no matter what the cost of her heat is.  This program has been a Godsend to her!  And then I realized God was sending me to it also, through you.  I researched it on line and decided it was an excellent way to “Share the Blessing.”  In our January bill, we are making a one-time contribution of $50, supplied by LifeGuide Financial Advisors, to the PPL Operation HELP Grants program which provides emergency financial aid to pay heating bills for families with financial hardships.  PPL Electric Utilities was one of the first utilities to establish a fuel fund for customers in need. It is funded by customers, employees, and PPL Electric Utilities and is administered by a network of local agencies.  We are pleased to be able to take “Share the Blessing” a step further.  In our January PPL payment, we will sign up for a personal monthly contribution of $5 to be applied to the Operation HELP program.  I’m thrilled to think that, through your gift and through our small monthly donations, others can be saved from that bone-chilling, can-never-get-warm feeling. Thank you, Zak, Doug, and everyone at LifeGuide, for providing a warm home and a warm heart to someone’s 2017!
  • Through Share the Blessing, I was able to help a mother and her two children. She has been in the hospital dealing with difficulties with her MS.  This was special for me because I was able to help a mother who has severe health issues during the holiday season, who was more worried about her kids not having any Christmas presents than her health.
  • We were able to help a young couple with one child with a very tight budget. They had just incurred an essential, but unexpected, house repair in excess of $900. The husband is enlisted in the Air Force and preparing to deploy for an extended time.  His wife is a stay-at-home mom with ongoing medical needs.  This is a wonderful Christian couple, trying to “do things right” and have a very tight budget. We are encouraged by their faithfulness to obey the Lord.  Thank you, LifeGuide, for your generosity and allowing us to participate.
  • We gave the money to a local family.  The father has been ill for the past 7-8 weeks with vertigo and undiagnosed troubles.  He had been working at a new job for about five months when this happened.  He does not have medical insurance and needs more tests done.  His transmission also went out on his car and he was told it wasn’t worth replacing that car.  So he has not been working and the medical bills are piling up.  Although his wife does have a job, it is a small paycheck.   They were very appreciative of the cash.  Our church fellowship also paid their mortgage payment this month in order to help out.  Thank you for letting us be a part of this ministry.  We enjoyed being the bearer of good tidings.
  • We Shared the Blessing on December 24th.  As we didn’t know of anyone directly that truly could use this Blessing, especially around the holidays, our daughter and I spent Christmas Eve looking for someone as we were out doing some last minute shopping.  We spent several hours specifically trying to find the right person/family that could use a little help for the holiday.  The harder we looked the more frustrated we became as we really wanted to impact a life or lives with this opportunity.  We then decided that a group out of Harrisburg – BHA, Brethren Housing Association – would definitely have a family that would be ideal to Share the Blessing.  So we wrote a special message to BHA and each of our family members added to the $50 dollars and made a donation to BHA.  I know that BHA was able to share this Blessing with possibly several families this year. Thank you for this opportunity, LifeGuide.  It was such a Blessing to be able to impact a family(s) during this holiday season.
  • I was able to help a family from my school. The student’s 23-year-old brother died unexpectedly 2 weeks before Christmas. It was helpful because they were unprepared for funeral expenses.  This was special to me because I remember being so blessed in so many ways at the time of my husband’s death. This felt like a way of showing love to a devastated family that I didn’t know.  I loved the concept of Share the Blessing. I feel inspired to do this with my kids and let them look for ways to be a blessing.                                     
  • Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a neighbor who is disabled, with a wife and three school-age children. Both of us prayed about who should receive the blessing and we independently decided on this same neighbor and his family. It was helpful for him because he is unable to work due to his physical disability. When we presented him with the money ($100) he was speechless.  Although we may/may not know someday how the gift was able to help their needs, it was a joy to share God’s love with them.  Thank you for this opportunity. It is a wonderful thing that you do.
  • We were able to help our former neighbor who recently moved back to the area to help care for her parents. She is washing dogs for a job. She said after the holidays she plans to get a second job. It was helpful for her because she lost her husband two years ago. After a year she moved to Minnesota to work for her son. That job dissolved and she decided to return.  We had kept in touch with her when she moved. She is a Christian, so we share that bond.
  • We were able to help a wonderful couple from our church. The husband had suffered a near-death heart attack requiring open-heart surgery. He needed to be off from his employment for six months. He did have short-term disability which ran out before his return to work in January, 2017; therefore their income was very limited.  We were blessed by LifeGuide to be able to bless someone in need. Sharing how God works in our lives is a wonderful testimony to God’s love in every aspect of life. “for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.” Matthew 6:8  Thank you, LifeGuide, for all you do for God’s Kingdom.
  • Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a mother who has two daughters. After the second daughter was born with disabilities, the husband left her. She has always loved the Lord and trusted in Him to see her needs. The Blessing was helpful for her because she works part-time to pay her rent and bills. She teaches Sunday school class and a woman’s Bible study. She was so appreciative to the Lord for the money gift. It went to her bills.  We took some time to find someone really in need.  We felt blessed to help her. We feel called to help her more with another love gift.  Thank you for your heart to give of your blessings to others. God bless you all!
  • I was able to help a mother with children, who has no help/support from the spouse. She works two jobs to support the family the best she can. The Blessing was helpful for her because she had just lost her son to a heart defect. He had had a heart transplant a year ago. He got sick and was not strong enough to fight the infection. He was 19. She had no money to properly bury her son.  When a young life is lost, the mother goes through enough heartbreak, but when you add the distress of being responsible for other children while grieving for another, and not having proper funds for everything, feelings of failure creep in. I was hopeful that this blessing would uplift her spirits a little bit.  Thank you for including us in this campaign. It meant a lot to me to help out a stranger, who didn’t know me or had to feel beholden to anyone for this gift.



“Share the Blessing” is not part of LifeGuide’s advisory services, but a campaign where participation and sharing of stories is voluntary. For information about LifeGuide’s advisory services, please refer to our ADV-Disclosure Brochure.

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