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Invite to Give! Help us give away our tithe.

September 20, 2014   |   News

It is exciting when a new client realizes the value of our
objective advice.  Sometimes it’s hard to see from the outset, but after
we holistically optimize their resources behind their goals and dreams in the LifePlanning
process, everyone gets excited – including us!  Our clients feel equipped
to make smart financial decisions, and often wish they had gone through the
process sooner.  Sitting across the table from client after client has led
us to hold the following belief:


We believe everyone can benefit from
objective, holistic, professional financial advice.


We also believe in the Christian stewardship concept of
tithing our company profits, and that our best new clients are your friends and
family.  To bring these three beliefs to life, we are launching our
“Invite to Give” campaign.  For inviting your friends and family to
experience us we invite you to help us give away some of our company’s tithe
money!  We will make a $50 donation to the 501(c)(3) charity of your
in your name for each invitation you make that results in a no cost
no obligation consultation meeting.


Thank you for not keeping us a secret.  We look forward
to working with anyone you know that needs help making smart financial or
insurance decisions.

* As long as we agree with the mission of the organization.

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