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Doug Denlinger becomes SmartVestor Pro

August 4, 2016   |   News

Continuing his relationship with Dave Ramsey, LifeGuide’s Managing Partner, Doug Denlinger has now become a SmartVestor Pro.  Dave’s SmartVestor program was established on August 1st of this year.  It is designed to help Dave Ramsey fans find “Honest and caring investing professionals.” 

 SmartVestor Pros commit to:

  1. Taking a client-first mentality
  2. Helping Dave’s fans build wealth by investing for the long term
  3. Providing fast, friendly service
  4. Offering investment choices and options
  5. Having a heart of a teacher
  6. Adhering to the SmartVestor Pro code of ethics

We at LifeGuide are big Dave Ramsey fans.  Our team enjoys facilitating Dave and Rachael’s classes.  We have led many Ramsey classes, including Financial Peace University, Legacy Journey, and Smart Money Smart Kids.  LifeGuide partner Zak Lutz recently helped lead his entire church through Dave’s Momentum program. 

We have seen the principles that Dave teaches change many lives.  We continue to integrate many of them into our LifePlanning process.  Doug, Zak and Derek have had the chance to hear and personally meet Dave on multiple occasions over the years.  We have always came away impressed not only with his practical wisdom, but also his commitment to helping people care for their families and advance the Kingdom of God.  It is only natural that we continue to expand our relationship with the Ramsey organization.

LifeGuide’s ongoing relationship with Ramsey Solutions and Ron Blue’s organization, Kingdom Advisors, helps provide the training and tools to bring technical competency in the context of a Christian world view.

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