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Christmas Greetings / 2017 In Review

December 18, 2017   |   News

Merry Christmas from our families to yours.  May you take a few moments of pause to experience the true wonder, peace, and joy of this Christmas season.


2017 has been a very eventful and exciting year for LifeGuide!   We are continually inspired to see the financial, relational and spiritual growth that our clients are experiencing.  We are thankful for the many new families that have joined us in 2017.  Our hearts go out to our clients who have faced extremely difficult circumstances throughout this past year.


LifeGuide’s mission is to help our client families to realize peace, experience freedom and maximize their impact by providing wisdom for life’s most important decisions.   To help increase our clients’ focus on achieving peace, freedom, and impact, we have recently begun asking these questions:

“If you were told that you only had ten more years to live, how would this change your perspective on life?   What would you do?  What would you stop doing? What decisions would you make differently? What conversations would you have?“


Being confronted with a shocking reality tends to bring into focus what is most important to us.  We would encourage you to think about these questions.  Discuss them with the significant people in your life.  How do your schedule and your current allocation of your resources reflect these priorities?  Thoughtfully considering these questions and making needed changes could be the best present you could give to yourself and your loved ones this Christmas!



We are grateful for each of you and the trust that you have placed in us.  We measure the progress of LifeGuide’s business in many different ways.  Our primary goal is to continually increase the positive impact that LifeGuide has on our clients, employees, and community.   While there may not be a specific metric for assessing impact, we believe that we can measure LifeGuide’s impact in very tangible ways.

  1. Elevating the value of our services and deepening our relationships with clients and their families.
  2. Growing the number of families that LifeGuide serves.
  3. Increasing the experience, knowledge, and effectiveness of the LifeGuide team.
  4. Expanding LifeGuide’s support of ministries that are significant to our clients and staff.



We continually challenge ourselves to find new ways to increase the value that we deliver to you.   We completed the launch of LifeGuide’s RIA, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our transition to TD Ameritrade Institutional as our preferred custodian.  We hosted an outing to Knoebels and a shredding party at our new Carlisle office. LifeGuide welcomed 61 new clients this year.


We upgraded our technology platform this year to increase data security and provide advanced tools for our advisory teams.  We implemented new financial planning software, portfolio performance reporting, online appointment scheduling and a digital document vault.  Stay tuned for the official launch of LifeGuide 360 – your personal financial website.   LifeGuide 360 will provide you a state of the art website that will allow you to monitor and manage your entire financial life in one place.


We were among TD Ameritrade’s first advisors to incorporate new lower-cost F-3 share classes into many of our portfolios.  We researched and are in the process of finalizing additional enhancements to our InSight portfolios.   You will be hearing much more about these exciting changes and some new ways that we will be serving you in the coming months.



Our team attended a number of conferences this year: Kingdom Advisors, TD Ameritrade’s LINC, The CFP® Annual Conference, and The Global Leadership Summit.  We participate in these industry events to stay current on the latest thinking regarding investment research, technology, practice management, client service and integrating faith and finances.


We continued our focus on professional development.  Derek Mosley satisfied the extensive testing and experience requirements and earned the prestigious CFP® designation.   Abby Conway earned her CLTC designation enhancing her knowledge in the important and complex area of Long Term Care.   Please join us in congratulating Abby and Derek on their significant accomplishments.


We are excited to announce that after interning with us for the past two years, Dalton Whetstone has accepted a full-time position with us as a Servicing Advisor.  Dalton will graduate from Temple’s Fox Business School with an emphasis in Financial Planning and will join us in the Spring.


Matt Hess joined LifeGuide this past summer and has jumped right in! He is fully securities and insurance licensed.  Matt has also passed the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) examination.


In addition to his role as Chief Compliance Officer, Zak Lutz assumed the role of LifeGuide’s Chief Solutions Officer (CSO). As CSO, Zak is responsible for further deepening our LifePlanning competency.  He also leads a team that is responsible for investment research and portfolio management.  Please join us in recognizing Zak’s expertise and commitment to making sure that we get to the right answers for our clients.



We contribute a portion of our proceeds each year to the LIFEGUIDE IMPACT FUND to magnify the efforts of local ministries. The LIFEGUIDE IMPACT FUND has distributed more than $90,000 since 2014 ($45,000 in 2017).  LifeGuide’s annual Share the Blessing event is underwritten by the LIFEGUIDE IMPACT FUND.  Be on the lookout for an envelope from us.  We will again be mailing out cards and cash to randomly selected clients to give to others in need.


We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with Peace, Freedom, and Impact.


Your LifeGuides,

Doug & Zak and the entire LifeGuide Team

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