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Announcing LifeGuide’s “Share the Blessing” Campaign!

December 17, 2014   |   News

This Christmas season, LifeGuide Financial Advisors is taking part in a campaign unlike anything we have ever done before. As some of you may know, LifeGuide tithes 10% of our firm’s profits into our “Kingdom Builder” giving fund. We use this fund as God leads to support local ministries that we, our clients, or our staff are involved with. Using a portion of these funds, we enthusiastically launched our “Share the Blessing” campaign this holiday season – inviting our clients to impact our community in a very personal way.

Here is how it works. We have sent $50 to sixty of our clients, but not without an exciting challenge. We asked these clients to seek an individual or family that has need for an unexpected blessing and simply hand them the money – no strings attached. Although the clients are free to give the money to anyone they choose, the intent of “Share the Blessing” is to share directly with individuals or families in need, rather than donating to a formal charity or non-profit organization.

The LifeGuide team will be praying throughout this campaign that we can collaboratively bless lives and witness God’s work. We requested that our selected clients update us with how they “Shared the Blessing” this Christmas season using an included feedback form. We hope to share these stories with you in the New Year, with changed or removed names to maintain anonymity. Depending on the outcome of this year’s campaign, we hope to continue “Share the Blessing” with even more clients in the years to come!

We encourage clients, whether selected for “Share the Blessing” or not, to return kindness in unexpected ways throughout this wonderful season. Thank you for your support and prayer during this benevolent campaign – let’s “Share the Blessing” together!

Share the Blessing Feedback Form

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