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A Story of Healing, Hope and Adaptive-Skiing

February 13, 2015   |   News

LifeGuide Office Manager Leslie Sponsler could not contain her excitement about going skiing with her husband Mike last Friday.

During July 2013, Mike was involved in a tragic bicycle accident that left his lower body paralyzed. The last year and a half has been a healing process for the two as Mike miraculously regains progressive feeling and control in his legs. With his current limited mobility, Leslie has missed being able to ski with her husband, a sport they enjoyed together before the accident.

Through a partnership with Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. and Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, PA, Leslie and Mike were offered the opportunity to once again ski together. Ability Inc. sponsored an all-day ski excursion for the two made possible by an adaptive-skiing program hosted through Whitetail Resort and Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation. Passionate volunteers helped Mike use adaptive skis to ensure that the couple enjoyed a day spent on the slopes.

Leslie and Mike had a blast and gained confidence from this big step in his recovery. “I’ve never seen any self-pity from him,” Leslie said. “Mike is determined to walk again without help someday.” In the meantime, the couple looks forward to skiing together again next winter.

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