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25 Days of Blessing (Week 5)

February 26, 2016   |   News

For the second year in a row, LifeGuide’s “Share the Blessing” campaign was a great success! We would like to thank those who participated and shared their story with us, it was huge encouragement.

As a reminder, at Christmas (2015) we sent $50 to sixty of our clients and asked that they give the money to an individual or family who was in need of an unexpected blessing. We would like to share some of the stories with everyone.

This is the fifth week of “25 Days of Blessing,” in which five different stories being shared each week through the month of February! Stay tuned to hear some of the great stories of how God has worked through this blessing for many individuals and families…

  • “Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your 2016 Share the Blessing campaign.  It was such a wonderful experience and we are so thrilled to know that Life Guide chooses to bless others in this way. Our son Quinn had the perfect recipient in mind; he and his friends frequent a local diner.  They often have the same waitress and from previous interactions with her they knew that she was a mom of young children who had to work the late night/weekend shifts to accommodate the needs of her children.  He and his friends went to the diner on 3 separate occasions before they were finally able to have Kelly as their waitress and left the card/money on the table along with the regular tip money from the group. This experience was a special one not only for our family, but it was wonderful that our son got to share the excitement of giving the financial blessing with his friends.  It was a wonderful testimony to them all.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was able to help a missionary family ending their six-month home visit and returning in 2 weeks to Malawi. It was special to be able to share these funds for those last minute expenses all missionaries have when returning to the field.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a young family. They recently moved back to the area because he lost his job and “roots & friends” were here. The husband is staying home with the two toddlers and the wife recently (October) started a job. In Dec. she became ill and incurred medical expenses – her health insurance doesn’t kick in until January 1. We thought outside of the normal realm of people/organizations that we help. We were able to match your $50 blessing to make it $100.”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, I was able to help a young woman from our congregation who is leaving in early January 2016 for Ethiopia to join a Peace Corps project (Let Girls Learn) to help young girls continue their education and improve their lives and futures. The Blessing helped her to buy a solar panel needed to power her computer for her work project in Ethiopia, since electricity is unavailable or unreliable in rural parts of the country. This gift enables us to assist her in embarking on this new ministry opportunity in her father’s native country. Thank you for selecting us to participate in the opportunity to bless and encourage this young woman as she enters the Peace Corps. We think this is a great idea!”
  • “Through Share the Blessing, we were able to help a co-student in an ESL class. The recipient is a 30-year-old refugee from Ethiopia. He won the “lottery” in his family to come to the US alone and to send money to his large family back home. Not only could we bless him with the money from LifeGuide, but we also shared in his culture; we took him to an Ethiopian restaurant in Lancaster and he taught us to eat with our fingers! It was a precious experience. He was excited to share with his family what we did. Most importantly, we talked to him about Jesus! Thank you for allowing us to be part of this!”
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